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Avisena Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism (ADEM)

An integrated one-stop unit for diabetic and metabolic care

Diabetes can lead to various major ailments such as ischaemic heart disease, chronic kidney disease and eye problems. Unhealthy lifestyles and the prevalent problems of obesity are strongly linked to the rising number of diabetes cases in Malaysia.

Ready to take up the challenge is our unit, comprising endocrinologists, nurse educators, clinical dietitians, physiotherapists and pharmacists.

Holistic, personalised care and weight management

What makes our unit special is the commitment to inspire radical change in our patients by driving efforts to reach ideal body weights and undo the effects of diabetes through intensive lifestyle modifications.

Our Services:

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (GMS)
  • Counselling services (promote healthy lifestyle)
  • Weight management programme (tackle obesity)
  • Diabetic care (monitoring, prevention and treatment of complications)
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Sustained efforts for lasting impacts

Our unit treats over 55 patients a month. The team has made a significant impact by creating awareness on the benefits of healthy living.

Our sustained efforts have resulted in the reduction (and in some cases, complete cessation) of the use of diabetic medication by our patients.

What our patients say:

I am very satisfied with Avisena Specialist Hospital as well as Doctor Arif and Haniza. They are true professionals and have also provided the most ideal medications. My sugar reading nowadays is always below 6.

-Mr H-

I came to the unit 3 months ago and now I do not need to take insulins anymore. Dr Arif and the team have helped me manage my diabetic condition.

-Mr Z-

I been a diabetic patient for 6 years, depending daily on insulins and medication. After 6 months with Avisena Specialist Hospital, I have stopped taking insulins and have also decreased my intake of medication.

-Mdm W-

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