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Patients & Visitors / Patient & Family Rights

Patient & Family Rights

At Avisena Specialist Hospital, patient and family rights are a top priority.

We recognise that patients and their families play a critical role in the healthcare process and have the right to be treated with respect, dignity and compassion.

Our commitment to patient and family rights is reflected in our policies, procedures and practices.

Patients have the right to receive high-quality care that is safe, effective and appropriate for their needs.

They also have the right to receive clear and complete information about their diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis. In addition, patients have the right to participate in decisions about their care, including the right to refuse treatment.

Family members of patients have the right to be involved in their loved one’s care, to receive information about their condition and treatment, and to participate in decision-making when appropriate. They also have the right to privacy and confidentiality.

At Avisena Specialist Hospital, we are committed to upholding these rights and ensuring that our patients and their families receive the best possible care.

Your Rights

Timely and adequate information on:

  • Health condition and treatment rendered
  • Range of medications and the side effects
  • Service with respect, privacy, thoughtfulness and integrity
  • Option to seek for a second opinion
  • Conducive, clean and safe hospital environment
  • Safe and hygienic medical care
  • Safety and security protection
  • Information on staff providing care or treatment (identification through uniform, name tag and processional status)
  • Estimated charges for services before care or treatment and the right to obtain the itemised bill.
  • The rights to obtain medical reports within a reasonable time upon the patient’s request and payment of reasonable fee
  • Choices and decisions regarding medical care, the proposed procedure, surgery, treatment or examination, possible alternative treatments and potential risks and benefits of the treatment by the consultant and documenting such advice and consent or refusal to consent in the medical record

Enquiries, grievances and facilities

  • To be entitled to your enquiries, opinions, grievances and suggestions for improvements
  • To have privacy during medical consultation, examination, procedure and treatment
  • To receive a detailed explanation in method, technique or language that you can fully understand
  • Prayer room facilities

Your Responsibilities

Provide precise and adequate information on:

  • Your past medical history and treatment
  • Range of medications, allergic reaction, history of past and current medication

Adhere to the rules and regulations

  • To contact the clinic or appointment unit if you wish to cancel your appointment
  • To bring your appointment and insurance card with every visit
  • To adhere to the policies, rules and regulations set by Avisena Specialist Hospital
  • To be accountable for your actions if you’ve decided not to follow the instructions or treatment plan and recommendations by the clinical parties
  • To be responsible to safeguard your personal belongings
  • To utilise and handle the health care facilities with care. Avisena Specialist Hospital reserves the right to charge customers for any intentional damages by customers or associated visitors
  • To be considerate, respectful and not use abusive language towards our staff, other patients and visitors
  • To be responsible for paying the medical bills for the treatment rendered by Avisena Specialist Hospital