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June 13, 2024

Avisena Specialist Hospital Unveils Major Expansion

Elevating Healthcare Services in Shah Alam and the Klang Valley

In a significant stride towards enhancing healthcare services in Shah Alam and the broader Klang Valley, Avisena Specialist Hospital has embarked on a major expansion project. The groundbreaking ceremony, held on June 10, was a momentous occasion, graced by the presence of Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, the esteemed Minister of Health Malaysia.

This expansion is not just a physical growth of the facility but a leap forward in patient care quality, with the new building set to house 275 beds and offer 35 sub-specialities. The inclusion of over 80 specialist suites and 10 cutting-edge operation theatres, including a hybrid theatre, reflects Avisena’s commitment to state-of-the-art healthcare delivery.

The design of the 11-storey structure, connected to the current hospital via a two-storey bridge, is rooted in the ‘Biophilic’ architectural concept, which integrates natural elements to foster a healing environment. This approach is in harmony with the hospital’s vision of creating a space that promotes well-being and recovery. Scheduled for completion in 2027, the expansion aligns with the government’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives, aiming to make high-quality healthcare more accessible to the nation’s growing population.

The Minister of Health lauded the initiative, emphasizing its alignment with Malaysia’s healthcare objectives. The expansion is set to play a pivotal role in improving healthcare access and quality, showcasing the synergistic potential of public and private sector collaboration. Avisena Specialist Hospital’s expansion is a testament to the shared vision of advancing the nation’s healthcare landscape, ensuring that every Malaysian has access to the best medical care possible.

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