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Our Latest Promotion
Hajj & Umrah Vaccination Promotion

Embark on your Hajj/Umrah fully protected with our comprehensive vaccination promotion.

Our Latest Promotion
Hajj Screening Promotion

Ensure a safe Hajj journey by taking charge of your health. Detecting illnesses in their early stages significantly improves outcomes.

Our Latest Promotion
Embrace good health this Year of the Dragon!

Celebrate with our exclusive Chinese New Year Health Screening Package at just RM380/pax for couples. Enjoy a 25% off on individual screenings too.

Our Latest Promotion
Swift Screenings, Instant Results

Get Your Results in JUST ONE DAY! Your health journey just got faster and easier. Act now and prioritize your well-being with Avisena Wellness.

Our Latest Promotion
Influenza Vaccination Promotion

Shield your health with our exclusive RM75 Influenza vaccine promotion for walk-ins only!

Latest Vacancy Announcement
Grow with us and enhance your career!

We are looking for a Resident Consultant who can join our team and help us deliver the best healthcare experience possible.

Our Latest Promotion
Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit Promo

The FreeStyle Libre monitor comes with a small sensor worn on the back of the upper arm to check your glucose levels, making it user-friendly and convenient.

Our Latest Promotion
Diabetes Counselling Services

At Avisena, our specialized and dedicated Diabetes Educators are here to educate and support people with diabetes.

Our Latest Promotion
Freestyle Libre Rental Program

FreeStyle Libre monitor enables you to manage your diabetes without fingerpicks giving you a hassle-free routine.

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